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Catcher In the Rye

David Zarco period.1

1 2     3    
8           9  
13         14     15
  16   17                

2.When you are ______ you are easily upset
4.____ is when a piece of fancy fabric can be seen through
5.Holdens favorite word to call people is _____
6.A _________ wants no part in war
7.________ is a French castle
8.To have ______ is to double think your self
10.A _________ is a ride for mainly little kids
11.School bathrooms are ___________
12.A __________ is when u nearly fall
13.A _______ is a hall
16.Stradlater asked Holden to write him a _________
18.A mouse chasing a cat is ____________
19.Some bloody games have a lot of ____
1.A girl wears a _____ to a dance
3.If you are ________ you think you are the best
6.If you do drugs at an early age you are ________
9._______ is to be thin
10.A chest full of drawles is called _________
13.The sport _______ involves sword fighting
14.If you’re a __________ then you are a gangster
15.If you tell the truth and are honest then you are ________
16.When you play hide and seek you are ___________
17.A lot of people wear a type of shoe called _________

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