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Catcher in the Rye

Natalie Garcia

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5.4. Someone who is unrestrained by moral or ethical principles are ____________.
7.If you are characterized by your humor you are ________.
9.During the last football game Holden __________ himself from all the people and just stood on a hill watching them cheer for their team.
10.He was _________ in love with her.
11.There were many _____________ at Pency or that’s what Holden thought that they were only looking for attention.
13.Stradlater asked Holden if he would write a ___________ for him describing something since he was really good at writing.
15.When Holden tried to sleep in Ackley’s room but it smelled kind of ______.
18.He was a complete ______ because as a child was cruel to everyone for no reason at all.
20.She had _____ disgust toward the boy who used to make fun of her.
21.Sometimes people feel lonely and very ________.
22.Holden was part of the _______ team at Pency and in one their trips he left all the swords and equipment in the train.
23.To Holden everyone was ‘fake’ or as he liked to say _____.
24.His feelings towards Jane were very _______.
1.After Stradlater punched Holden in the face his nose was full of ____.
2.To be admirable or of the highest quality is to be
3.Holden had many ______ about how he was going to handle the situation of his getting kicked out of school when he got home.
4.Someone who is governed by his/her sense of wrong and right are _____________.
6.There were ________ everywhere vandalizing the city.
8.To her it was __________ what Holden’s age was.
10.Holden wasn’t __________ close to anyone not even his family.
12.Holden felt that Stradlater was just ______ around with Jane and this made him really mad because he liked Jane a lot.
14.Holden doesn’t _____ well to his new schools so he is often getting kicked out of all the schools he’s been to.
15.A troublemaker can also be considered a _____.
16.The movie was full of ________ and horror so it kept the viewer excited.
17.The picture was ______ do to the fact that it was in a state of foul decay.
19.Holden’s parents were very ______ when it came to him telling people about their life so anything could easily upset them.
20.Stradlater is described as _____ by Holden when he goes on a date with Jane.

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