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Catcher in the Rye

wendy covarrubias period 2

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3.a troublesome child is ______
4.a native American heelless shoes are called _____
7.when something is a coincidence it is called ________.
9.when someone is an evil person, they are _____
10.rebellious; savage
12.Holden was on the ______ team at his school.
14.an outcast is an _____.
21.when something is unpplaned, it is _____
22.genuinely sorry
23.serious crying
24.Holden thinks that everybody is a ______
25.an old keyboard is called a ______
26._______ is to be a respectful person.
27.______ is how much a space can hold
1.when somebody is single, they are ________
2.bring playful can be called ______ with someone or something.
5.overly confident
6.an evil spirit is called a ______
8.a _____ is a ride (merry-go-round)
9.someone skinny is _____
11.foul smell
13.something flipped is a _____
15.a tall narrow chest of drawers is called a ______
16.a notebook for writing is called a _______
17._____ is when something is not very clean.
18.Holden's parents are very _____ if you talk about them.
19.______ is a high pitched voice.
20._____ is a sickness, a bacteria inside the lungs

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