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8th grade review

1 2 3
4             5     6          
7 8 9                       10  
12                   13   14
16                       17          
18   19   20             21 22  
      23   24                
25                   26           27     28    
30           31                  
      32         33    
34             35       36        
37     38  
39                 40          
42                   43          
44     45            

4.common trait
8.printed statement which describes an endeavor
11.stationary, remain in one place
12.to great quantities
15.extremely unpleasant or disagreeable
16.one who translates a foreign language
17.having not equal or rival
18.free from an undesirable situation
23.special representative
25.genuine feelings
26.to obtain or make use of
27.a motion by which a command is made known
29.great flood
30.sounding similiar
32.past tense of write
34.political state, nation or territory
35.powerful; used against opposition or resistance
40.excitingly or enticingly different
42.to drive back, reject
43.to eat up greedily
45.loss or hardship due to some action
46.pertaining to time not long past
47.lament, wail
48.type of gas
1.division or split due to discord or disharmony
2.increase the price of
3.type of sport
6.tool used for separating materials
7.help; to be useful or helpful
9.to destroy tear down
10.limited quantity
13.deeply affecting the feelings
14.incompetent, irresponsiblle
19.passing through after only a short stay
20.to make stronger
21.to regard, deliberate, reflect
22.place of worship
24.crude, uncivilized
28.tough synthetic material
33.not requiring as much effort
35.ocurring often
37.division of an academic year; usually 18 weeks
38.by oneself
41.form of government in which one person has oppresive power
43.stop, hold back
44.quarrel, fight, argument

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