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Catcher in the Rye

Marcell Saavedra p.3

1 2 3
  4 5    
8 9    
  12           13          
14             15         16
17 18      
21             22         23  
24       25              

6.To put in your own time.
7.Characterized by humor
10.To be set out and draw attention to yourself
12.A segment or section of writing
15.To torture or be cruel for self and other enjoyment
19.To be alone or excluded in what everyone does or the society
21.When someone you know is a liar _____ or doubt what they tell you.
22.To make change that adjusts to something
24.To have or show lots of blood from an wound or accident
25.Something building you up to intesne enjoyable anxiety
1.one who is fake or puts on a false act
2.To have a state of mind to be able to judge right or wrong
3.To be lonely and have no one
4.To be a bad person or cause trouble
5.Very foul looking and smelling
8.To sword fight one another
9.To be kind or manerly and honest
11.To be serious with one another
13.To count to infinity is ___________
16.To get mad very eaisly and iritated quick
17.Something that has been infected by a mold , disease , etc.
18.To be very peaceful and not take part with war or violence and have calm resolutions
20.One who is very attractive ; dashing
23.To finish with utter

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