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TIME: Briefing 11/12

Advanced Class 11/28/2012

  2 3 4
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    10               11
13     14                
16   17       18

1.I'd like to buy a single ___ of drinks.
6.Some people ___ Obama's first four years, but many criticize.
7.___ is an Eastern European country.
9.George Lucas is the creative mind behind ___ ___.
10.We successfully planned his surprise party in ___.
12.The corrupt president ___ ___ riots in the streets.
13.There have been several ___ since the ___ crisis.
15.The people of Switzerland are ___.
17.Scotland is part of ___ Britain.
19.___ House is the largest publishing company in the world.
1.The ___ party won another four years.
2.Chemistry is totally ___. Blah.
3.The Statue of Liberty is a ___ structure.
4.Could I ___ ___ on this lottery ticket?
5.The capital of Texas is ___.
8.He ___ stole millions, but it has to be proven.
11.___ House is Disney's nickname.
14.I don't ___ a ___ about you and your gossip.
16.There was a ___ of customers on Black Friday.
18.My neighbor and I finally made a ___ after 2 years of feuding.

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