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Stave II: The First of the Three Spirits

Cheri Hines & Elana Novak

  2 3
  4         5  
  8         9   10
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  18               19
  21 22            

4.It was coming out of the ghost's head; made Scrooge uncomfortable.
6.The spirit's voice was _____ and gentle.
7.He and Scrooge were apprentices for Mr. Fezziwig.
8.The belt that the spirit wore was ___________.
11.The first apparition to visit Scrooge.
12.The ghost of Chrismas Past came to help protect Scrooge's __________.
14.Scrooge was once under the employment of him.
15.Where Fan came to take Scrooge.
17.Mr. Fezziwig's ball ended when the clock struck___________.
18.What did Scrooge have on his feet during the traveling?
22.Scrooge didn/t want to go with the ghost because he was a _____ and couldn't fly
23.The dance danced at the ball.
1.There was one _______ at the school when Scrooge and the ghost arrive.
2.On what night did Fezzieig host the ball?
3.The ghost was __________ when Scrooge asked him to put on his cap.
5.Scrooge's younger sister.
9.Scrooge's walls were _________; not transparent.
10.Scrooge began to sob when the ghost took him to the ________.
13.The spirit was holding in his hand a branch of fresh, green_______.
16.The spirit's arms were long and ____________.
19.Belle was Scrooge's former __________.
20.The spirit's _________ was white and hung down its back.
21.At what hour does the ghost appear in Scrooge's room?

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