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Catcher in the Rye vocabulary

Monica Ruvalcaba P.4

1 2
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9 10   11    
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31         32            

3.matching card game or ____________.
6.tacky, too much, unstylish or _________.
7.the exciting, tense feeling known as ___________.
8.four person two team game or __________.
13.to have no wind or _____________.
14.when holden had his breakdown he did ____________
16._________ means worthless or untrue.
18.to be overwhelmed with insincere talk or flattery means ____________.
19.theatrical productions on broadway or ___________.
22._________ can refer to being too thin.
26._________ means too well
27.to swerve usually means to ________.
29.sex or _________.
31.a person that is a fake is a _________.
32.somebody without morals is a ___________.
1.an American lead screen actor named ____________.
2.________ are thin swords used for fencing.
4.If you are covered in diamonds you are ___________.
5.__________ or the flu.
9.your mental ability is your __________.
10._______________ or to be entertained by something.
11.a person who doesnt believe in war is a __________.
12.to be true is to ___________.
15.__________ is a terrible disease.
16.when something happens to soon it is called _________.
17.a coat that can be worn inside out is ___________.
20.high pitched voice while singing is known as a ____________.
21.__________ is used as the word “thing”.
23.to be down to earth and greatful means to be __________.
24.to be play around with someones emotions is called __________.
25.No he doesn’t work here anymore he got ___________.
26.getting bothered easily means you are ___________.
27.to be _________ means to be very smooth or flirtatious.
28._______ doesn’t only mean to be murdered but to be delighted or surprised.
30.a bloody scene or a __________.

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