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Cather in the RyeVocabulary

Grant Ponder Per. 4

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5.3. In the beginning of the book Holden is on top of the hill_______________________.
7.19. A person with a strong interest in something is__________________.
8.22. _____________________ is charming, but often not sincere
10.31. Mental or physical ability is_______________________.
11.25. ______________________ is not important.
13.Holden go’s to Holden New York and forgets the___________________ equipment
17.26. Admirable or highest quality is______________________
19.27. ___________________ is to be close to someone
20.29. A_________________________ is a gangster
21.32. The ________________________ is a French castle.
23.23. _____________________ is to be spoiled.
24.18. To be honest is_____________________.
28.14. To be unrestrained by moral is_______________________.
29.21. To_____________________ is to change to something else.
31.6. Spencer has the papers on the___________________________.
32.13. An_________________________ is an attention seeker.
33.5. Holden thinks everyone is a______________________.
34.10. A bully is____________________ for fun.
1.1. Holden is very_________________ with people.
2.30. Holden is______________________ to the people he likes.
3.35. A____________________ is a dress.
4.9. To be complete and utter is__________________________.
6.28. To a vast degree is_______________________.
7.24. Being_________________ is physically or morally disgusting.
9.16. Blood from a cut is___________________.
12.33. A______________________- is an early keyboard.
14.4. Being_______________________ is humor based
15.34. The_____________________ is when something happens to early.
16.12. ________________________ is enjoyable tension..
18.7. Being_____________________ is countless
22.17. One who believes in peaceful resolutions in war are_______________.
25.11. A piece of writing is a_____________________.
26.20. Being governed by a sense of right and wrong is called______________.
27.8. To have the feeling of unease is to have_________________________.
30.15. Holden is______________________ usually

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