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Catcher in the Rye Vocabulary

Brinden Bennett Period 5

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4.A ______ is a dress.
5.Rebelling against legal authority is ________.
8.Crying loudly is ______.
9.A _______ is a gangster.
10.A sword fighting sport is called ________.
11.A person belonging to nobility is _______.
15.Holden makes a ________ to two nuns.
17.Being knowledgeable is to be _________.
19.Holden takes some things _______ or too soon.
22.Arising from impulse is ________.
25.Phoebe loves going on the ______.
26.Holden is mostly ________ by changing his name and age.
27.Being charming; but often insincere is to be ______.
29.Moving unsteadily is to _______.
30.Ackley is very ______ and disgusting.
31.part of a story based on opposites or contradictions is ____.
32.Something wonderful; impressive is _______.
1.To be easily upset is to be ______.
2.Leave from military is _______.
3.Ackley’s teeth look unclean and _________.
6.To be modest is to be ______.
7.A _______ is an early keyboard instrument.
8.Being unconcerned is ______.
12.Holden has an ______ amount of stories based on his experiences.
13.Being diligent; governed by sense of right and wrong is to be _________.
14.Holden is always ______ his identity by hiding it.
16.A ______ is an entrance hall.
18.Being arrogant is to be ______.
20.Something capitalist; affluent middleclass is _________.
21.Holden ________ himself from society.
23._______ is inflammation of the lung.
24.Exactness is _______.
28.An unethical person is ______.

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