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Catcher in the Rye Vocabulary

Lorena Torres Per.5

1 2         3
5               6    
7                       8
10                 11      
12                   13

2.Holden had a few ______ about leaving Pencey.
4.Holden told Mr. Spencer a _____ lie when he said he had to get his equipment.
5.A chest of drawers is called a __________.
7.Sally called Holden a ____________ atheist.
10.Holden wrote a ___________ for Stradlater.
12.One who is cruel for fun is ______.
14.Holden got to know Jane __________ over the summer.
16.Holden improved Janes golfing __________.
17.Its ________ that Holden acts like hes 13 even though hes 6'2 1/2" and has grey hairs.
1.Holden hung up Sunnys _____ in the closet so it wouldnt get wrinkled.
3.________ is good to guys like Stradlater.
6.Holden is an _____________, also known as an attention seeker.
8.Holden says he has a terrific ________.
9.Holden told Sunny that he was _________ in his calculations of getting better.
10.To get Sunny to stop he told her he had an operation on his __________.
11.The fencing team __________ Holden on the train because he lost the equipment.
13.Holden thinks everybody is a _____ or pervert.
15.Holden hated the word _____.

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