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Catcher and the Rye Vocabuary

Sabrina Diaz per 6

  2 3
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    7 8  
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  25   26                    
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4.After Holden gets back from _______ he has to leave Pencey.
6.When Holden smokes he get that ____________ smell.
9.Holden becomes _________ when he was thinking about Jane Gallagher.
10.Holden see ________ when he leave the hotel
11.Holden seems that he is _______ from his family.
14.Some things are just ___________.
16.Back in holden time they use an_________ to type.
19.To Holden, Stradlater is very ________
21.Holden _________ when he see the nuns.
23.Holden is very __________ about his brother death.
25.He is very _______ from other people.
27.Holden and Phoebe are mostly _______ toward each other .
28.Throughout the story, Holden is always _________.
29.He feels some kind of ________ but he dosen't really take it in.
1.Holden thinks that he says alot of _________ words.
2.Phoebe has the most _________ out of all the people in the book.
3.He not really ______ to other people.
5.Mr. Spencer is an __________ person.
7.Holden thinks everyone __________.
8.Holden is mostly _________
12.the Catcher and the Rye is an ______________.
13.When Stradlater punch Holden _______ came out of his nose.
15.holden has an terrific __________.
17.Holden dosen't belong to any ___________ group.
18.Alot of girls in Holden time wore __________.
20.Native Americans wear ________ one thier feet.
22.Holden seems that he will never ________.
24.Holden dosen't have an ______ voice.
26.Holden is always __________ in his mind.

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