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A Face First Crossword Puzzle

João Bosco

1 2
3 4                
7               8        
11               12
14       15    
17                   18  

4.Girl Kelley met in the hospital who read the same book as her
5.Kelley's nurse
7.Kelley's friend with a name beginning with a L
8.The day of the accident, Kelley was celebrating _______ Day
10.Truck driver that had a broken collarbone when he crashed with Kelley's car
11.Baby that made Kelley talk again
13.Kelley suffered first, second and third degree ________
14.Name of the glove Kelley used
16.Quentin Hall had a broken collarbone and a concussion
17.Title of the book
18.Name of Kelley's horse
19.Main character who suffered a car accident
1.Author of the book
2.Boy who lost a leg and an arm in a house burn and keeps crying when he eats because it hurts
3.Kelley's friend with a name beginning with an A
6.Kelley's sister that studies in Paris
9.Boy that is a friend of Kelley
12.Bird that Kelley did a project on to save it
13.CIty Kelley lives
15.Name of Kelley's cat

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