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Cather in the Rye

Cor'teja Alberts Period1

1 2
  3 4          
5     6            
9               10          
12             13
15     16          
    17             18          
21               22                  
  23           24     25          
  26         27        
30           31                

4.I seen a dead dog with a __________odor.
5.When someone cant stop checking their-selves out.
9.The milk in the refringerator is _______.
10.Example of a bully.
14.I waish i could have _________dollars.
15.My mom is nver __________about me.
17.why does geometry have to be so _________.
19.He sheer the ball to me_________.
21.When i think i like to be___________.
22.i dont treat my homework like its not______________.
23.some drugs in america are _________.
25.having doubt felings.
26.I think people who ar anti-social can also be called___________..
28.My Grandpa is __________forever.
30.Im a very _________person.
31.An activity Holden enjoys?
32.Alot of ___________lives in New york.
33.peple who are non-belivers.
1.Holden can be very_________at times.
2.I think holden is a ______________.
3.Chest of drowers.
4.When most people get chnge back they wont the _________of it.
6.Donation ;money
7.Some peole think im a ________.
8.i wanna play a ______one day.
11.My ____________is running out of paper.
12.I had ___________pouring out of my wound.
13.i hate when little kids __________to the top o their longs.
16.I __________my mom.
18.Persnally ; closely
20.i was born __________.
24.Holden seems lke he's___________.
27.I wish i can go on a trip to see a ___________.
29.i have to __________to m nw house.
31.The way you dress?

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