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Earliest Americans


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1.Thousand-mile land bridge that connected Siberia to Alaska
4.Mesoamerican group whose main city Tenochtitlan is now Mexico City
7.People who do not live in one place
10.Place or region that was newly settled
12.Finely flaked stone spearheads (2 words)
14.High level of cultural development
17.Area of land that includes what is now Mexico and other countries south through Costa Rica
20.Best guess
21.Mesoamerican group of people who developed an advanced form of writing
22.Mesoamerican group of people who settles southern Peru
2.Period of time when ice covered much of the earth (2 words)
3.Historians who study the remains of past human life
5.Mesoamerican group whose central city was Tula
6.Person who is skilled in designing buildings
8.System of writing that uses picture symbols
9.To grow crops
11.Study of space and the planets
13.Having the same values, attitudes, and customs
15.Mesoamerican group of people who wrote with hieroglyphics
16.Large body of ice
18.One who is a skilled worker
19.Man-made waterway

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