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Ms. K-T

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1.It is what the street is decorated with during Mouled
5.This is the name of a festival that celebrate the birthday of a prophet in April
7.This is the building where Muslims in Tunisia go to pray
8.Ahmeds favourite festival
11.It is tiny pasta that is served a nearly every meal
12.Ahmeds ancestors were called this
16.This is a two-piece dress that Ahmed's grandmother wears, can also be called a blousa
17.It is a large robe that Ahmed's grandfather wears
18.1 of the 2 official languages; this language is also spoken in FRANCE
2.What are people from Tunisia called?
3.This is a very popular fruit to eat during Tunisian festivals, also has many seeds
4.1 of the 2 colors on the Tunisan flag (*hint: it is only 3 letters...)
6.1 of the 2 official languages; it is made up of symbols and can be read from right to left
9.It is the number of times a day that Muslims pray
10.This person is a prophet, also there is a festival celebrated every April to celebrate their birthday
13.This is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, also the month when Muslims fast
14.This is a religous text that the Muslims believe was created from their God
15.This is what Muslism do five times a day
16.What it is called when you dont eat or drink anything until after sunset

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