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science menu #3

1 2         3
  5   6      
7   8         9
  10             11      
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15         16          
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2.instead of seeds, mosses and ferns reproduce by
4.part of ovary in which eggs are produced
5.female part of the flower
7.a tiny capsule that contains a young plant
10.sticky tip at top of style
11.female part of a flower makes
12.swollen base of the pistil
13.produce seeds inside coned
18.a piece of a plant that can grow new plant in water
19.the passing of characteristics from parent to offspring
20.upper portion of stamen in which pollen is produced
1.kind of underground stems
3.when pollen is transferred to stigma from anther on the same plant
6.male part of the flower
8.a young plant that is just beginning to grow
9.leaflike structure that encloses the flower bud
14.thin, stemlike part of the stamen
16.bees drink
17.modified, colored leaf of the flower

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