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Catcher in the Rye

Farah Kandah Period 1

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    9   10 11                     12
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1.My dad is a _________, he doesn't like war.
3.In the 1800s, governments had someone called an ________.
5.People are not scared to be _____________.
6.It’s sometimes fun to be a __________.
7.I am a _______, I love soccer so much.
8.People are Christians, and there are some people who are ________.
11.Stradlater wanted Holden to do his _________for him while he was out on a date.
13.Injured soldiers usually __________.
16.If you go to downtown LA, you will defiantly see a _______.
17.A lot of science teachers are ___________.
18.A lot of people are sick with a something called ________.
19.______ is an intense sport and is played almost everywhere.
23.Some books have _________characters.
24.They use _______in debate club.
25.Holden Caulfield thinks everyone is a ______.
27.Everyone _________when we went on that ride.
28.________ are very comfortable, and very cheap.
29.Holden Caulfield is always ________ about everything in his life.
30.Be a ________, don’t wake your sister up.
2.People with good ________have strong relationships.
4.I am very _______, and so is my English teacher Mrs. Lapis.
5.The oval office is ________.
7.A lot of buildings have a beautiful_________.
9.Smoking is a _____, but Holden still does it.
10.You always have to be ________ to Mrs. Lapis.
11.A lot of people have __________ to put their clothes in.
12.Holden is _______, and he hates it.
14.“That is very __________ looking” Sam said.
15.A lot of movies have ________ in them which makes it more interesting.
17.Some babies are _______, and everyone hates it.
19.Kids with rich parents are often ______.
20.Our military is always ______when they are doing a secret mission.
21.Some people are very ______ with everyone.
22.Hobos are ________.
26.I am very ______, I hate my body.

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