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1 2 3 4
5 6   7                        
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    12           13                
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          17         18      
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        29     30        

6.The girl was quit and ________ with all the tattoos she had.
8.His _____ was finally clean after a long day.
10.The parents became very _____ with the teen.
11.An _____ cop walked into the alley looking for the burglar.
12.______ snobbishness was seen during politics.
14.After _______ momentarily he soon realized he had to much to drink.
17.The cat ______ for food.
19._________ are more enjoyable for little kids.
24._______ patterns try to capture expert knowledge.
25.Some _______ slippers come with furry material on the inside.
26.My Grandpa and I looked through the attic to find a _______ hidden behind other boxes.
29.The movie was full of _______ with all the excitement it had
33.The _______ house smells from the slaughter house.
34.I collapsed from ____ exhaustion.
1.He became a ______ with his new project hes done.
2.id rather be ________ than be un-knowledgeable and un-cultured.
3.Theyre was a broken ______ shattered pieces of glass on the floor.
4.The baby came out ________ with defects.
5.She got all ______ when he broke up with her.
7.To elders the _______ seemed over the top.
9.They got really ______ during the movie.
11.The president was ______ popular.
13.The kid wrote was very descriptive ________.
14.The excitement from the rollercoaster _______ their adrenaline.
15.______ movies are best for Halloween.
16.The animals ussualyy ______ to their enviroment.
18.There is usualy a maximum ______ for building.
20.They had found a ______ and no one knew how to play it
21.The little boy gave ______ thanks for buying him his new toy.
22.The trip was very ________ with the activities they ran into along the road.
23.Its way better to be a ______ , violence is not the answer.
27.Many families cannot wait until _______.
28.His ______ breath killed everyone.
30.He thought almost everyone was a ______. .
31.______ worms are very disgusting like parasites.
32.the ladies were _______ with their real fur coats!

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