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Earth Resources-C25-2

Hayley D.

5                             6
7 8                      

2.pollutants released in the air that are harmful to human health and the environment
3.natural resource that is possible to use indefinitely without causing a reduction int the available supply
4.a mixture of gravel, sand, and crushed stone that naturally accumulates on or close to Earth's surface
5.productive land becomes desert
8.removing salt from ocean water to provide freshwater
9.deep soil layer that lies on a base of unweathered parent rock
10.resources that the Earth provides
11.the replacement of renewable resources at the same rate of which they are consumed
1.a resource that exists in a fixed amount in various places in Earth's crust only by geological, physical, and chemical processes that take hundreds of millions of years
6.material left after ore is extracted
7.substances that can adversely affect the survival, health, or activities of organisms

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