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A religious

1 2
3           4               5
6           7            
  8               9    
11   12                                
      14       15      
        17     18  
  19       20 21              
    23 24              
25           26          
    27           28

3.Gods son
4.Where Gods son was born
6.The mourning of Jesus's death the something bunny comes in this season
7.What did god make Noah build
8.Marist brothers creator
10.the celebration of Jesus's birth
11.This is the Liturgy of the books in the something of the stuff you read in a book
13.The breaking of the bread happens here
14.The belief in one god or more is someones
16.The season when no large celebrations are happening the largest season in the Catholic calender
17.Gods helpers
19.The gathering of people for paryer
21.Our thanks and wishes sent to the lord in the church
22.What did Jesus die on
24.the ruler of Egypt who did not let Moses people go
25.The creator
26.The saviour of the people of Israel from the Egyptians
27.Gods people
29.The voice of right and wrong in everyone
1.where were Gods people banished from
2.The Governing voice on the Catholic faith
5.The group of brothers the work for the good of the Marist community
9.The first people
11.What did god first create the
12.Gods instructions on how Ctholics should behave given to Moses
15.The first book in the bible
18.where were the people of Israel enslaved
20.God sent 10 to the people of eqypt
23.The religion of one God that Marcellin followed
28.The devil in all opf us when we commit somthing that god does not like

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