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Christian music lyrics


1 2

4.Savior He can move the________
6.In Christ alone my hope is________
8.Jesus_____me this I know for the Bible tells me so
9.Hark the Herald angels sing glory to the new born____peace on earth and mercy mild God and sinners reconciled
1.Jesus loves the______children all the children of the world red or yellow black or white they are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little chirldren of the world
2.Sometimes________come through rain drops sometimes your healing with tears sometimes a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know your near and what if trials of this life all your mercys in disskys when friends betray us
3.Silent______Holy night all is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child Oly infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace
4.Away in a_______no crib for a bed the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head the stars in the bright sky look down where he lay and little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay
5.This little light of mine Im_______let it shine
7.Amazing grace how sweet the________

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