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1           2 3 4
6             7
8                     9  
10 11 12                
15         16        
        17         18  
20             21          
22             23  

1.Law and Order: ------ Victims Unit
5.What is your middle name?
6.Rapunzel and ---- Ryder
8.1, 2 Calamazoo. 3, 4 ---------
12.Black and --------
13.The only cheer you would with me at games!
15.Can you remember my favorite pop?
17.I have to do that homework. S------
19.---------- is coming!
20.I made you pat his bum bum
21.What is my favorite color?
22.I will be the future Mrs. Sam ---------
24.The fourth number in my phone number
2.Amanda,-------, you and I went to Darien Lake.
3.Do you know my favorite kind of cereal?
4.What is my middle name?
7.Elliot Stabler and Olivia -------.
9.When we met, what kind of McFlurry did I order?
10.The artist of our first song, last name.
11.What is the nationality of our son?
14.I was so obsessed with playing with these mad animals.
16.You always pick out the red sour....
18.Add up all the numbers in our anniversery!
21.Do you remember who Buffalo played when we saw them on New Year's Eve?
23.The phone you had when we first started talking

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