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Short Vowel Sounds

Sean Forbes

1 2
3 4          
5             6    
11   12          
13 14         15  
16   17          
18             19          

4.Who you see to fix a health problem
5.the word that describes cars moving on the street. "______ Signal"
7.Million then ________ or 1,000
9.Grass cows eat
10.A word to describe the starting money in a bank
12.To discipline somone. "I'm going to ______ you"
14.The word for someone you call or ______ lenses (Used instead of glasses)
16.A word that describes furniture that looks old
18.The main green vegetable in salads
19.A type of computer or a clay document used for the 10 commandments.
20.A word used to describe bushes
1.Not liquid or gas but ________
2.A word beaning "No bottom"
3.The opposite of maximum
6.A large device used to use the wind's energy to do work.
8.The place the pilot of a plane/jet sits in
11.What is this value "100"
13.People who suffered
15.Pointed desert tree that can be eaten and stores water
17.A precious metal that is not gold

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