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The /Ā/ Sound

Sean Forbes

1   2   3
7         8   9    
10     11        
12           13      
17     18  

1.Yu multiply the length by the width to find this unit of measure
4.The opposite of male
6.Flat lands where native americans lived and faught. Homonym for Planes
7.To find the weight
8.Made from pork usually. This is a breakfast side dish
10.Another name for a room (Older name used in castles)
12.Past tense f the verb "To sail"
13.Opposite of female
15.Wax coloring tools you have as a child
16.To move back & fourth or to convince someone
17.Californa is a _________. There are 50 of these
19.A _______ of rice or a unit of measure of something small
2.To remove something you made a mistake with on paper
3.Someone who lives next to you
5.After 7th comes _____ then 9th
9."__________ Jumpers" to to say something is yours.
11.Middle of the day is called this one word (Not noon)
12.A wild domestic cat or to veer from normal actions
14.Opposite of cowardly. Name of a Pixar movie that just came out.
18.A path in the woods (Rhymes with tail)

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