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The Long "O" sound /Ō/

Sean Forbes

1 2
  3 4      
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8             9
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  17 18      

4.To convince someone/something to do something
5.Something that has no inside is called this (Not empty)
8.What we call the area the ocean touches the land. (Not beach)
11.The opposite of under
12.Construction vehicle that pushes dirt (Hint: First part of name is an animal)
13.When you force food to go to your stomach
14.What you make when light shines from behind you
15.The largest water mammal there is
18.To put away
19.A word describing a lot of noise or activity
20.to grasp a concept. I ____ who you are
1.What you put your breakfast into (Not onto)
2.To push air out your mouth. _____ out a candle
3.A hooded snake prized in India. Enemy of G.I. Joe
6.When you have too much flow this happens
7.a place with little room to move is referred to by this word. A _____ escape.
9.Clear glass that allows you to see outside in a house
10.Stones used for grinding
16.Body part that the bending arm is a joint connecting
17.A moaning sound (Ryhmes with moan)

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