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The "oooo" sounds /ōō/ or /ū/

Sean Forbes

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1.Opposite of false
5.The price of something
6.The opposite of rough
8.To be ________. (A saying used to mean the thing will be resumed later)
10.A word that means an agreement to not harm each other
12.This room has a beautiful _______ of the beach. (To see)
15.To assign equipment or supplies. (Sounds like tissue)
17.The mark made after you hit someone hard by broken blood vessals
19.A musical wood wind with holes
2.To save someone
3.The liquid from fruit or vegetables is called this.
4.A question you ask to find out who owns something
7.The people on a boat that work it. _______ socks
9.Batteried not ________ed. To give with other things
11.The opposite of win
13.A _____ ball (Used in pool)
14.Apples, oranges, etc. are called this.
16._____ is in the Pudding. A word for evidence
17.To enhance or a nutritional drink for older people
18.What a man wears to a wedding.

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