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The /Ə/ Sound

Sean Forbes

  2   3      
7                 8          
9     10  
13             14  
16     17        

2.One human is called this "p" word. (_____ality)
5.Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, & Automn are examples of this
7.What someone who shops is called.
8.To occur. (Don't laugh, it _______'s)
11.A term used to describe what you have when you owe someone a favor.
12.A large green fruit with lots of seeds usually eaten in the summer
13.The lateral land seperation between sky and land that the sun drops or rises from.
15.Your shirt has these going down the middle front of it
16.Deep & dark underground room or series of pathways. _______'s & Dragons
18.A young cat
19.Another word for a glove (Sounds like kitten)
1.What you call a situation you can't solve. A word for something you have to solve in math.
2.What you do to get ready for something like a trip or a presentation. "_______ H"
3.The supportive detail for why you have an opinion
4.Another word for red used to describe horror movies or blood.
6.What you learn from a teacher or from life.
9.What you take to relax from work. Go to Hawaii or the mountains, etc.
10.To have a personal feeling on something that is not fact.
14.A social thing your society does on certain occasions. Something made for your needs is said to be ______ized
17.Where things are grown.

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