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The /oi/ and /ow/ Sound - Dipthongs

Sean Forbes

4             5
  7 8    
9                 10        
      11 12        
13 14            
15 16             17

2.To cut the earth with a metal spade for farming
4.To feel happy. _______ in the Lord.
9.To be filled with joy
10.The part of your body that allows bending action
11.A verb that describes what a ball does
14.If you use a bank then you have a bank ______
15.To elect or give power to for you
18.To hire
19.Large building or what someone who is taller than you is said to be doing when they are next to you.
20.To be tied up or forced to do something with no options. Determined.
1.A piece of furniture you lay and/or sit on (Not a sectional or love seat)
5.The subject. The story is _____ a boy and a girl
7.Tall piece of earth that people hike on, ski on, or drive to.
8.To obliterate or completely eliminate
12.Not inside but _______
13.The total. (The ______ you owe is....)
16.Something that kills you symbolized with a skull and bones
17.The thing you walk on is called this or to mash something finely

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