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A Chrismas Carol Stave II

Julia McLane and Claire Zechman

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1.The Ghost of Christmas Past was wearing a _________.
3.The Ghost carried _______ in his hand.
6.At Fezziwig's party, the clock struck _______ and the party ended.
8.Scrooge's little sister.
9.Who was the last person that Scrooge saw while he was with the Ghost of Christmas Past?
11.The Ghosts hair was ________.
12.Scrooge was often _______ for the holidays.
15._______ and Scrooge bothe worked for Fezziwig.(two words) (2 Words)
16.Scrooge ______ when he saw his former self.
17.Scrooge saw fragments of peoples _______ that the Ghost had shown him that night.
18.Who was poor Robin Crusoe?
1.How many times did Scrooge ask to leave the past?
2.The Ghost took Scrooge to the school where they found his _____ ________. (two words) (2 Words)
4.The Ghost of Christmas Past's voice was _______.
5._________ is an old gentleman in a welshwig; Scrooge's former boss.
7.What did Scrooge do alone as a child?
10.What replaced Belle in Scrooge's life?
13.Scrooge has kept the memories of his past _______.
14.After the Ghost of Christmas Past was gone, Scrooge fell _______.
19.The bell tolled _________ before the Gost of Christmas Past arrived.

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