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1           2
3   4 5
  7         8      
10     11            
    12                         13
14                                 15      
17               18         19
21                   22

1.Side opposite over side adjacent
6.Triangle with two equal sides
7.Triangle greater than 90 degrees
9.Greek word meaning "to measure"
10.Can be broken down to 60 equal parts called minute
12.Study of the measurement of triangles
14.Measuring things using ruler or tape measure.
16.A polygon with three sides, corner or vertices
17.Angle with same terminal side
21.Hypotenuse over side adjacent
23.A Greek mathematician who lived at about 540 B.C.
25.The longest side of a triangle
26.Side opposite over hypotenuse
27.Angle between the horizontal at the observer's eye and a line from the observer's eye to some point above him
2.also called six special ratios
3.Angle between the horizontal at the observer's eye and a line from the observer's eye to some object below to him
4.Angles whose measures sum to 90 degrees
5.It is also called directions
8.Triangle with equal sides
11.Acute angle formed by the terminal side of given and the x axis
13.Triangle with no equal sides
15.Greek word meaning "Triangle"
17.Side adjacent over hypotenuse
18.angle less than 90 degree. It means "sharp"
19.Side adjacent over side opposite
20.Triangle with exactly 90 degrees
22.Hypotenuse over side opposite
24.It is the eight Greek letter. Used as a variable in Trigonometry

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