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LTF Lesson 48

A. Bandas

1 2
5               6
7   8            
  9 10              
  11       12        
17                   18  
19     20           21            
22 23              

3.board on which a painter mixes paints
5.quick in movement or resourcefulness
7.a large grouping of things; regular order or arrangement; to clothe
10.remnants, traces, remains
11.a supplement or an ammendment (usually to a will)
13.a hole or an opening
14.the accenting of musical beats not normally accented
15.cordial; pleasantly warm
17.incisive or keen; caustic, cutting
19.study of literature, especially language used in literature
21.causing to wither or to dry up or become scorched
22.to rise again
24.utterly hopeless, humiliating, or wretched; contemptible
25.relating to war or a warrior
1.to develop fully
2.important to the issue at hand, pertinent
4.to join
6.knowing something before it happens
8.(noun) a recurring phrase or verse
9.to move suddenly
12.a gradual increase in volume or intensity
16.winning, engaging, or charming
18.unusual in character or appearance
20.slow; sluggish
23.to provide with income or property; to supply with a talent or quality

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