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Peasents, Trades, and Cities

Jake Markhan, Clayton Green

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3.An economic system based on money rather than barter.
6.Members of the weathiest and most powerful families.
8.Italian city that emerged by the end of the eigth centry as a town with close trading ties to the Byzantine Empire
9.A heavy, wheeled plow that could easily turn over heavy clay soils
10.One of the three feasts of the Chatholic Church celebrating the birth of christ
14.Major catastrophy that sealed the fate of the public baths in Paris
16.The name given to merchants and artisans in settlement by castles.
18.the basic staple of the of a Medievil person's diet
19.Town in northern Europe know for its much desired hight quality woolen cloth
20.A finished piece in a journeymans craft that showed if he was ready to be master
1.An economic system in which people invested in trade and goods in order to make profits.
2.What apprentices became after about five years of services.
4.One of the great three great feasts of the Chatholic Church celebrating the resurrection of christ
5.One of the three great feasts of the Catholic Church celebrating the descent of the holy spirit on the crists deciples fifty days after his ressurection
7.Buisness associations or groups that craftspeople began to orginize themselfs into the eleventh century
11.people who converted hides to leather, unloaded tannic acids, dried blood, fat, and hair.
12.Peasants legally bound to land
13.A person, usually around the age of 10, 1ho wanted to learn a trade from a craftsperson
15.Used in the main room of the Medieval homes for heating and cooking.
17.An agricultural estae run by a lord and worked by pesants

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