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Impulse Buyer

Afternoon Class 12/03/2012

1 2 3        
4 5   6              
7               8                
      10       11          
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  15           16  

3.They say: The customer is always ___.
6.An ___ buyer doesn't comparison shop.
7.I paid extra for an ___ warranty.
8.I got a ___ ___ for the cell phone because it was sold out.
9.The car salesman made ____ on the two cars he sold.
10.The shopper looked ___ with a big purse; she might be shoplifting.
12.Our investment was ___, so we made money.
13.Do you have any ___ for a new student?
15.Does this computer come with a good ___?
17.I didn't return it, but I got store ___.
1.The store will ___ the ___ by increasing the price of the first item.
2.The synonym of store items is ___.
3.You need a ___ to return something.
4.___ in ___ that there will be a quiz this Thursday.
5.The store is ___ of ___ of these TVs. They're sold out.
8.___ is a popular consignment shop.
11.I bought drinks and paper goods ___ ___ for the party.
12.What is the return ___ for this store: 60 or 90 days?
14.Do you buy major ___ or whatever is on sale?
16.Goodwill is a popular ___ store.

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