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  3     4          
6     7       8                            
  9                               10 11              
    17                           18
20 21   22       23                 24

2.normal rate of extinction for a clade or taxon
3.homologous genes separated by a speciation event
6.production of one kind of gamete
8.the co-option of a particular gene or network for a totally different function as a result of mutation
9.sum of direct and indirect fitness
11.genes that share common ancestry
12.proteins capable of carrying out more than one function
13.suites of coexpressed traits that together experience selection for a function
14.evolution of phenotypic characteristics that confer a fitness benefit to one sex but a fitness cost to the other
15.no more living members exist but daughter members exist
17.horizontal gene transfer that occurs when a virus packages host DNA into its capsule
19.horizontal gene transfer that occurs by direct cell to cell contact
20.sex is determined by the number of copies of each chromosome that an individual receives
25.multiple unpleasant species resemble each other reinforcing the image
26.horizontal gene transfer by direct uptake of genetic material from surroundings
27.evolutionary splitting event or branching event
28.production of two different kinds of gametes
1.a gene is beneficial for one trait and detrimental to another
4.genes associated with mapping body shape during development
5.specialized genes that assist bacteria in exploiting eukaryotic hosts
7.any duplication of DNA that contains one or many genes
10.a region of DNA that enhances the transcription level of a gene
16.harmless species resemble harmful or distasteful species, deriving protection from predators in the process
18.regions that are likely the result of horizontal gene transfer
21.evolution of the species involving the entire population and not a splitting event
22.the total number of offspring that maximizes the number of surviving offspring
23.viral genomes that insert themselves into bacterial genomes and often encode for virulence factors
24.homologous genes within a genome separated by a gene duplication event

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