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4-H Foods around the world

Ms. Shelby

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1.It is widely known that _____ cuisine is very healthy and can protect you against heart problems, strokes, cancer, and obesity problems.
3._________ most-cooked meals at home are fried chicken, roast beef, spaghetti, turkey, and baked ham
7.__________ take their food very seriously. The main meal of the day is at lunch time.
9.Corn is the key ingredient of many staple dishes in_____.
11.The ______ people consume enough cheese to provide 45 pounds of cheese per person, making them the largest cheese consumers in the world.
12.Dried sardines and almonds are often consumed as snacks in most of the parts of _____.
13.coffee is the most popular drink in ________.
2.Watermelon is one of the most widely eaten fruits in ________.
4.Most of the food available today comes from the traditional recipes. These recipes were developed by the Mayas and Aztecs.
5.with over 600 varieties of fish, seafood is the main food choice in _______.
6.________ makes 44% of the world's olive oil.
8.Soup is an important part of every meal in ______, usually eaten in the afternoon
10.In most dishes in _______ cooking, food is prepared in bite sized pieces, ready for direct picking up and eating.

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