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A Gridiron Game

Rodney Robinson

Use the Clues to complete the Puzzle

1           2
    5           6
    9     10
11 12   13                 14  
15           16 17          
        18 19 20          
27             28      

1.A possible playoff team with a "small roar."
3.Maybe paying more "bills" could get them back to their winning ways
4.Sent Brett packing, but has not missed a stride
5.Number two ranked team..................................................in Texas
8.From "Just Win" to "Ahh, another loss."
13.Led by a Badger and a Wolf
15.A balanced attack of the run and the pass
17.Just "Nicked" the 49ers this past weekend
20.Desperate need of a "moment of silence."
21.Maybe having two Larrys could help their QB......Are you busy Sunday after church Mr. Walton?
22.Can the "Queen City" get a do-over
23.Has some "hard-ball" questions concerning their quarterback
25.May have taken land, but does not steal many wins
26.Dramatic Improvement due to a little "Luck"
27.No Need Playing the "Blaine" game for their losing season
28.Should be called a crop duster
1.Almost "done" and becoming "browner"
2.Stole another win Sunday
3.Led by the same ole "Man" ning
6.No longer a "Brees" to win
7.Played more like migets against the Redskins
9.Wins the big ones, but loses the fourth quarter leads
10.Quarterback needs a Flax Jacket
11.Has not lived up to their big name since their Super Bowl appearance
12.Monsters of the Midway
14.No need for "Vicks" vapor rub
16.Will not have to "panhandle" for a victory much longer
18.Is it basketball season yet?
19.Has the hogettes snorting again
20.No much "charge" anymore
23.11-1, but playoffs....... "done"
24.Defense King should be "Sue"d for his style of play

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