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TECA 1303 Chapters 8-10

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1.refers to the number of people occupying a certain area of space
4.newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, movies, videos, and other means of communication that reach large audiences via an impersonal medium between the sender and the receiver
5.adult leadership style in which policies and activities are left up to group members
7.programs that enable or restore people’s ability to participate in the community
10.behavior based on mutual understanding between equals
12.can effect the individual, family, and even the whole community
16.occurs when people or households are unable to acquire and/or maintain housing they can afford
18.adult leadership style in which policies and activities are dictated by the leader
20.programs that seek to lessen the stresses and strains of life resulting from social and technological changes and to avert problems
22.constitutes a sense of community; where we grew up
23.theory that believes that the impact of media depends on how media are used
2.this playground setting has swings, a slide, a teeter-totter, and a sandbox
3.gemeinschaft and gesellschaft
6.the beliefs that others are as concerned with one’s behavior and appearance as one is oneself
8.behavior based on respect for persons in authority
9.theory that media used for entertainment may displace important developmental activites
11.theory that believes media content affects viewers' beliefs about the world and alters their behavior
13.adult leadership style in which policies and activities are determined by group discussion
14.individuals who are of approximately the same gender, age, and social status and who share interests
15.provides educational and related services to low-income children
17.programs that maintain the health, education, and welfare of the community
19.this playground setting had various sculptures
21.Act that was passes under President George W. Bush

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