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1.Carbon dioxide is a what
4.The topic we are studying today
6.Main ingredient used in bread
8.A condition needed for the reproduction of yeast
10.What name is given to the process where starch gives bread its colour
12.We do this for between 5-10minutes
13.When kneading the gluten from the flour is stretched to become what
17.Yeast is not a chemical it is
18.Time is given to the yeast in order for it to what
19.The water used to make bread must be what
1.When water is added to wheat flour its forms what
2.Another word used for the rise
3.Yeast is the what in bread
5.When yeast reproduces it gove of what gas
7.The process when yeast reproduces and lets off gas is called what
9.The function of water in bread
11.The raising agent in bread
14.The liquid used in bread making
15.A function of flour in bread
16.A condition needed for the reproduction of yeast

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