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1 2
4           5             6        
7         8     9     10      
11       12   13                      
  14       15
16 17               18   19
    22     23                    
  25                     26   27          
29       30          

4.less that 14.2 hands
5.a person who shoes a horse and cares for their feet
6.cross between a stallion and a jennet
7.leather or rope lines attached to the bit
8.measure of 4 inches
10.fast, four beat gait
11.slow,three beat gait
13.developed to pull heavy coaches
14.fast, two beat diagonal gait
17.castrated male horse
20.breeds used for riding
21.young female horse or pony
22.metal mouth piece used to control the horse.
23.foot rests hung from the saddle
24.wearing shoes
25.only to be specific colors or patterns
27.member of the horse family with long ears and a short, erect mane.
29.young male horse or pony
30.cross between a Jack and a Mare
32.very slow canter
34.male donkey or mule
35.a bad habit
36.horse equipment
37.slow, smooth two beat gait.
1.muture female horses or ponies
2.abnormality that doesn't affect the use of the horse
3.female donkey or mule
6.larger than 14.2 hands
9.used for work
12.art of riding horseback
15.abnormality that does affect the use of the horse
16.the way an animal moves.
17.fast, three beat gait
18.the art of riding and knowing the need of the horse
19.padded leather seat for a rider on a horse
26.adult male horse or pony
28.newborn horse or pony
31.slow, four beat gait
33.side to side, two beat gait

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