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Animal Behaviour

C Turner

GCSE descriptions of animal behaviour

2               3 4
7                 8  
9               10              
12 13                           14

2.These marine mammals can be trained to search for mines (8)
5.Term for sitting on eggs to keep them at the correct temperature, so the young develop correctly(10)
6.A male trying to convince a female to mate with him is called... (9)
7.Invertebrates that like damp dark places best (8)
9.A behaviour you are born with, it often disappears later (6)
10.The study of animal Behaviour (8)
11.The male and female working together helps strengthen this (4,7)
13.Piece of equipment used to test the conditions woodlice like best (6,8)
15.Two words to describe what Pavlov did with dogs (7,12)
16.These canines are trained to use their noses to locate bombs, drugs etc (7,4)
17.Two words to describe the use of positive and negative reinforcement in training animals (7,12)
18.What a gosling or duckling does to the first living animal it sees (8)
1.A term for repeated praise/reward when you do something right (8,13)
3.What manoeuvres a stickleback does to attrract a mate (6,5)
4.Equine mammals that are trained to tolerate loud noises and smoke (6,6)
8.Word for NOT reacting to a repeated stimulus (11)
12.Having lots of partners (10)
14.Having only one partner at a time (10)

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