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1       2 3      
5 6     7    
8   9                            
  10       11           12  
      13               14
16   17   18                    
19                           20   21
          23     24      
      25     26                  
29           30          
31       32   33

1.________ means drunk
2.Another name for a cigarette in 1920's
4.Underground bar
5.Famous baseball player Babe
9.Single party Government ____________ _________ system act of1921
10.Music of the 20's
11.__________ Smith was a famous blues singer
13.Prejudice against foreign-born people
15.smugglers that carried liquor in the legs of the boots
18.____________ Is a sailor
19.Interpretation of the Bible was Know as
22.Charles _________ theory of evolution
23.________ means to be arrested
25.Made Alcohol illegal
27.Dome scandal
29.Famous trial about evolution
30.James ___________ Johnson
31.Gang was president Warren G. Harding appointed to his cabinet
34.Armstrong ___________
35.________ means to arrest
1._______ means whiskey
3.To buy good over a long time _________________
6.Spread in all directions
7.Sexual freedom to men than to women ______________________
8.Clarence __________
12._________ Is a tough guy
14.Another name for a dollar
16.Flew acrss the Atlantic
17.Another name for eye glasses
19."new women " of the 20's
20.1920's term to murder someone
21.Paul ________
24.New President ________ Coolidge
26.____________ Renaissance
28.John L. _____________ was the united mine workers of America
29.Fitzgerald __________
32.Henry __________ Made first model T
33.__________ means a Kiss

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