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The Herdman Holiday Puzzler


read books, props, Barbara, Mary, Caesar Augustus, Ohio, characters, holidays, dream, church, Herdmans, three Wise Men, shepherds, set, dialogue, school, religious, dessert, tradition, holy, College, manger, carols, pageant, pageants, Bible, adapt

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7._______ _______ _______ came from the East to worship. (2)
8.The three Wise Men were warned in a _______ not to return to their home country. (2)
10.A traveling wagon where plays are performed is called a _______. (1)
11.When the Herdmans heard Charlie say that there was free _______ at Sunday school, they decided to see what it was all about. (2)
13.The word "holiday"is derived from the words "_______ day."(1)
14.At the start of the story, the Herdmans have never been to _______. (1)
16._______ become members of the cast. (3)
17.Robinson attended Allegeheny _______. (3)
18.Robinson says there is no better audience than boys and girls who _______ _______. (3)
19._______ is the lines that the actors say on stage to show how their character feels. (3)
20.Items that are important to the story are called _______. (3)
22.Christmas_______ began in the Middle Ages as a way to teach Bible stories to people.(1)
23.A custom or practice that is handed down from one generation to the next is called a _______. (1)
24.Barbara Robinson grew up in the state of _______. (3)
25.In the Christmas story found in the Bible, an angel of the Lord appears to some _______. (2)
1.The author of the book is named _______ Robinson. (3)
2.In the days of _______ _______ a decree went out that all the world should be taxed. (2)
3.Jesus'mother was named _______. (1)
4.Another word for "change"is _______. (3)
5.The _______ contains the sacred writings of the Christian religion. (2)
6.The stage on which the acting takes place is called a _______. (3)
9.Mary's child was laid in a _______ because there was no room at the inn. (2)
12.Robinson's mother taught _______ for forty-nine years! (3)
13.The _______ are the worst kids in the world. (2)
15._______ are special days that we celebrate in special ways (1)
18.Some traditions are _______. (1)
21.Christmas _______ are traditional songs about the Christmas season. (1)

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