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Fill in the ____


Vocabulary Quiz 12.06.12

1 2 3
4         5          
  7 8            
15             16
  17 18        
19 20                

4.Did you see the __________ last night? His eye was black this morning.
5.The ingredients in most hair products are _______ if ingested.
8.It is our job to show Mr. Evans the ________ respect and make him feel welcomed.
9.Jack be ________, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.
10.There is a commandment that says not to __________ covet your neighbor's wife or belongings.
12.How long did you _________ him before he gave you those tickets at such a good price?
13.You should always be __________ when in a city like New York City.
15.Jane _________ to be a doctor for people in third world countries one day.
17.Lily, do not __________ with the miniature Eiffel Tower that Jack made for his History project!
19.That car advertisement was _________, I couldn't take my eyes off of the television.
23.Union workers are referred to as __________ because of the trouble they stir up and the attention they demand.
24.You should be ______ subtle when talking to someone who has gone through a traumatic event.
25.The __________ gravity of this situation filled the room with tension.
1.The content within this envelope is marked ________; the senders need a reply soon.
2.The _________ that he felt that day when he was reunited with his dad was clear for all to see.
3.Jack looked ______ sullen today; his pet goldfish died.
6.Gatorade doesn't ________ my thirst like water does.
7.He is only trying to _________ you from winning the award, don't let him get to you.
11.The ___________ of this song is very catchy.
14.Samantha _________ me sometimes with the things she says, it's like she's trying to freak me out on purpose.
16.Together, with their immense ________, they can overcome anything.
18.How did you __________ those grades? Looks like a lot of hard work!
20.He was a television __________, he couldn't think of anything other than what was going to happen next.
21.Lying in court is the ultimate form of ___________.
22.The magician knows how to ___________ rabbits out of his top hat.

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