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Stretching and Shinking

Ms. Grauer and Mrs. Young

1             2
3                 4 5
6 7             8            
9           10              
    11     12                
      16 17        

1.Same basic shape, ratio, corresponding angles and has a scale factor.
3.Lines that stay the same distance apart forever.
6.Lines that meet at a 90 degree angle.
9.A mathematical expression that gives directions for what to do.
10.A number sentence with an equal sign. Everything on one side of the equal sign must equal everything on the other side.
11.The connection between things.
15.A similar figure that has shrunk by a scale factor between 0 and 1.
16.The amount of money you get to keep after all of the bills are paid.
19.A figure that is exactly the same size and shape as the original.
1.Tells how many times longer or shorter every side would be on a similar figure. Its the number we multiply by.
2.What we use to measure area.
4.The longest side of a right triangle. It is always opposite the 90 degree angle.
5.Compares the amount for one thing to the amount for something else.
7.A similar figure that has grown by a scale factor greater than one.
8.Parts of two figures that are in the same position.
12.The amount of space needed to cover a two-dimensional figure.
13.The corner of a shape, where two lines come together.
14.One of four quarters on a coordinate graph, defined by the x and y axis.
17.A shape that can be copied and fit together in order to create a larger version of that shape.
18.The sides of a right triangle that form the 90 degree angle.

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