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Erosion and Deposition

Ms. O'Dea

Use the clues to practice your erosion and deposition science vocabulary.

2         3   4 5
8     9              

2.an embankment along a stream that protects land from flooding
3.a barrier constructed to hold back water
7.the land that gets covered with water during a flood
8.the movement of weathered rock due to water, ice, or wind
11.process of rock breaking down
12.a fan-shaped (triangular) deposit of earth materials at the mouth of a stream
13.the angle of slant of a stream channel
1.a slowly moving mass of ice that causes erosion
3.the settling or dropping of eroded rock
4.a curve in a river
5.a v-shaped valley eroded by a stream
6.where a river enters another body of water
7.a very heavy flow of water, greater than normal
9.broken down rock
10.the course a river or stream follows

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