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Literary Terms M

Tiffany Hatch

Literature Book, and AP Booklet

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1.narrative non fiction presenting story of a period in a writers life, usually first-person
6.regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables that gives poetry a predictable rhythm
7.significant phrase, description, or image repeated throughout a literary work related to its theme
10.written in conversational style, emphasizes complex meaning
11.emotional quality or atmosphere of a work of literature
12.twentieth century artistic movements
13.figure of speech comparing two seemingly unlike things
14.reason for acting, thinking, or feeling a certain way
1.intellectual comparison
2.characters used to fill out a scene, provide a line pf dialogue, or to further the plot in some way
3.explores narratives by and about characters who inhabit and experience their reality differently from what we term the objective world
4.traditional story of anonymous origin dealing with gods, heroes, and supernatural
5.medieval religious play centered around moral struggles of everyday people, destined to teach a lesson
8.long speech by a character in a play spoken to others or as if alone
9.figure of speech representative term used for larger ideas
10.medieval religious drama presenting bible story, also called a mystery play

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