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Literary Terms N

Tiffany Hatch

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1.literature that deals with real people, events, and experiences
3.habitually careless, neglectful
5.to assist the development of
7.harmful, unwholesome
8.lacking a distinctive character
10.humorous poem that defies logic
12.famous for unfavorable reasons
13.relating to or occurring at night
16.unpleasant, offensive, especially to the sense of smell
18.slight variation in meaning, tone, and expression
19.process of being born or coming into existence
2.verse that tells a story
3.writing that tells a story
4.vaguely defined, cloudy
5.the lowest point of something
6.a beginner, someone without training or experience
9.villainous, wicked
10.writers value, order, reason, balance, and clarity over emotion, ex: Alexander Pope
11.unconcerned, undifferent
13.person who tells a story
14.someone who is young or inexperienced
15.in the name only; insignificant
17.book-length fictional prose narrative having a plot that unfolds through actions, speech, and thoughts of characters

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