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Allissa Race

1 2
3               4          
5 6                        
    8 9              
  10 11                        
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  16         17                  

3.Sudden arrival of a large number of insects
4.The insedct between two sucessive molts
6.A type of parasite that feeds on maggots
7.A tool used to collect flying insects, often with a long handel and a bag made form lightweight mesh
8.An animal that feeds on the remains of dead plants and animals, decaing materials or animal wastes
11.The different instars, or insect forms, are not alike
13.Where the wings develop externally during the larval stages; there is no pupal stage
16.The stage between larva and adult in insect with a complete metamorphosis. It is a non feeding and usually inactive stage
17.The Application of the study of bugs
19.Flesh eating; An organism (usually an animal) which feeds on other animals
20.Tthe active first instar of a scale insect
21.The decaying remains of a body
1.Where the wings develop internally during the larval stages; A type of development consisting of four distinct stages; egg, larval stages, pupa and adult.
2.A stage before the larva pupates. Usually it shrinks considerably and prepares to pupate.
5.Clean the bones of the body, usually 3rd to arrive after the body dries out.
9.The bug that usually eat dead bodies
10.The total long-tem characteristics of weather for any region. It includes rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind direction and wind velocity.
12.To break out of the egg
14.Egg (singular)
15.Usually the first bug to arrive
18.The immature stage between egg and pupa of insects with a complete metamorphosis

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