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Suffix -ize

Advanced Class 12/07/2012

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      15         16        

1.The ____ of defeat is terrible but humbling.
3.Do you have a photographic ___?
9.Last night, I lost sleep as I ___ over telling the truth or not.
11.The man tried to ___ his crimes, but the jury still found him guilty.
13.He had to ____ his goals, and once he did, he had a clear mind.
15.I ___ with people who have lost their jobs.
17.Let's ___ these plans for the kitchen expansion.
18.Do you ___ what time it is?! Let's go!
19.I had to ___ my nerves after I got into a car accident.
20.Spain and England successfully ___ many parts of the world.
2.I finally ___ the closets during my ___ Cleaning.
4.I hardly ___ you with that makeover!
5.We gave the family our ___ for their loss.
6.I had to ___ my speech, and I did well!
7.My teachers have ___ the importance of practice.
8.My family is my top ___; everything else comes second.
10.I ___ every morning with coffee.
12.I ___ in vegan cooking because it's easy and healthy.
14.The tsunami ___ many boats yesterday.
16.When I was a child, the Boogieman ___ me.

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